How You Might Put the Collection to Use

Public Affairs Instructors

  • Show a 3-5 minute video brief in class to frame the topic of the day.
  • Assign a 60-90 minute e-Case or 20-30 minute e-Study for students to review outside of class alongside scholarly articles that lay out associated theory. Assess comprehension through a pre-class quiz. Then facilitate a lively class discussion around the e-Case or e-Study to bridge practice and theory.

Nonprofit & Public Sector Trainers

  • Use a 3-5 minute video brief in a client training to illuminate an organization going through a similar challenge or expand the organization's thinking about how they could approach an issue.
  • Recommend a client organization reviews a particular 20-30 minute e-Study to explore a particular concept or method that might be useful to the organization.

Nonprofit & Public Sector Leaders

  • Review a 3-5 minute video brief or 20-30 minute e-Study specific to a topic of interest in order to explore new concept or method relevant to your work and professional development.