To deliver on our mission of promoting engaged learning and interactive teaching among government and nonprofit professionals, the Hubert Project offers a variety of workshop options, specially geared towards public affairs instructors and nonprofit and public sector trainers.

Upcoming Workshop Opportunities

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Customized Workshop Options

Each of the interactive workshops below can be tailored based on audience and the amount of time available. We are also happy to offer them both virtually and in-person. To explore partnering around a workshop, webinar or conference session, please get in touch with us at

The What & Why of Multimedia and Case Study Teaching

Seeking to increase the interactivity and impact of your teaching or training? Feeling like you want to freshen up your course or training content, but that the internet is a confusing mess of materials of questionable quality?

In this training, we’ll start by exploring what is known from research about how you can create greater learning impact for adult professionals. We’ll then explore the multimedia cases, curations and videos available for free via the Hubert Collection along with suggesting some other reliable sources for high-quality learning objects.

Hosting Interactive & Impactful Learning Experiences

Teaching and training in a way that maximizes interaction and engagement is a science, an art and a practice. It capitalizes on the science of adult learning by utilizing relevant and engaging learning materials in addition to intentional course and class/training design.

In this training, we’ll use multimedia cases, curations and videos available for free via the Hubert Collection to explore and practice fostering active learning. You’ll gain confidence in letting go of control as you shift from imparting information to hosting a learning experience.

Authoring High-Quality Multimedia Learning Objects on a Budget

While designing complete on-line academic or training courses is all the rage, we invite you to consider starting at a simpler place – building out more engaging learning materials for your teaching or training, including cases, curations and short animated videos. Technological barriers to building out multimedia learning objects have never been lower. All you need is a willingness to get creative and a minimal amount of tech confidence (or a partnership with someone who has this).

In this training, we’ll introduce you to free, cost-effective tools and technical workflows you can use to take your scholarly research or content expertise and translate it into digital learning materials. The resulting materials will not only increase the visibility of your expertise but also the impact of your teaching and training.