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  • Policy Field Analysis
    This video brief provides a quick introduction to the substantive method of implementation analysis called policy field analysis. This type of analysis is helpful because, at... Learn More
  • Backward Mapping
    This video brief introduces the four design principles of Backward Mapping, a method for policymakers to design effective policy by starting where the policy meets the public... Learn More
  • Multilevel Implementation Analysis
    This video brief provides an overview of multi-level implementation analysis. This type of analysis allows for an understanding of policy implementation beyond the traditional... Learn More
  • Investigating Myths about Smart Meters - A precursor to a sustainable power grid
    The video explores a couple’s choice to install a smart meter in their home and addresses a range of factors to be considered when choosing a smart meter to monitor electric... Learn More
  • Merging for Impact and Growth
    This abridged video centers on the merger of two long-established human service nonprofits. It explores the variety of reasons a nonprofit organization may consider a merger,... Learn More
  • Bridge to Benefits
    This abridged video focuses on the development of an innovative web-based tool, Bridge to Benefits, which helps citizens understand and access the public work support programs... Learn More
  • Writing Policy Issue Briefs
    This video brief is an introduction to writing a policy issue brief. The video gathers perspectives from students, policy professionals and faculty on the use of issue briefs... Learn More
  • Government Nonprofit Partnerships
    This video brief debunks old conceptions of government & nonprofit partnerships and replaces them with a new paradigm. Due to the devolution of government, nonprofits are... Learn More
  • Writing Management Memos
    This video brief provides a quick introduction to a commonly used tool in the professional setting: the management memo. Management memos help public affairs professionals, wh... Learn More
  • Collaborations
    Increasingly people in nonprofits, business, government, and community groups realize that they must collaborate if they are to find lasting remedies to complex shared problem... Learn More
Results per page:
Showing 1 - 10 of 122