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  • Engaging Others in Systems Redesign
    Most social change work done at the systems level involves understanding the various perspectives, opinions, attitudes, motivations and behaviors of those within the system. F... Learn More
  • Evaluation as Engagement
    Traditional evaluation approaches can miss important information by failing to account for context or differences across communities. Community-Responsive Evaluation engages... Learn More
  • Nonprofit Advocacy Advances Organizational Mission
    When nonprofits carry out their missions through direct service, they address immediate community needs. They have a further opportunity to advance their missions through advo... Learn More
  • Health & Human Services Value Curve
    Interested in learning more about an organizational improvement framework for health and human services? Want to examine variation in how leaders apply that framework to maki... Learn More
  • A Youth Work Lens on Human Development
    Successful youth workers build relationships supported by mutual respect, personal choice, voluntary participation and quality, informal learning. This e-study explores how th... Learn More
  • SWOT Analysis
    This learning module is designed to teach users about SWOT analysis. After studying this module, users will: understand what SWOT analysis is and when it should be applied; un... Learn More
  • Taking Action Toward Equity in Youth Work
    Youth work is a dynamic practice that engages youth of all ages with adults in community-based experiences to learn, reflect, and grow. This e-study will help users learn to n... Learn More
  • Logic Models
    The module introduces readers to logic models, including their purposes, components, creation and uses. The module takes readers through a step-by-step process for creating a... Learn More
  • Stakeholder Analysis
    This module is designed to teach users about stakeholder analysis techniques, focusing in particular on the use of Power vs. Interest Grids and Stakeholder Influence Diagrams.... Learn More
  • Competitive Analysis for Nonprofit Organizations
    This module explains Porter’s Five Forces Framework for competitive analysis in private sector organizations and its subsequent adaptation to public agencies by Vining. The... Learn More
Results per page:
Showing 41 - 50 of 122