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  • Government Nonprofit Partnerships
    This video brief debunks old conceptions of government & nonprofit partnerships and replaces them with a new paradigm. Due to the devolution of government, nonprofits are... Learn More
  • Writing Management Memos
    This video brief provides a quick introduction to a commonly used tool in the professional setting: the management memo. Management memos help public affairs professionals, wh... Learn More
  • Collaborations
    Increasingly people in nonprofits, business, government, and community groups realize that they must collaborate if they are to find lasting remedies to complex shared problem... Learn More
  • The Clothes I Wear
    Perceptions of ‘otherness’ are a normal part of human development; as they mature, children move from a focus on themselves to an understanding of their place within group... Learn More
  • Casa de Esperanza
    This e-case highlights the leadership and management of a small nonprofit organization through its pursuit of mission critical but underfunded work. Casa de Esperanza is a dom... Learn More
  • Worthington
    This e-case focuses on how demographic changes in Worthington—a rural southwest Minnesota town—led to the identification of a leadership gap between the dominant/minority... Learn More
  • Bridge to Benefits
    This e-case focuses on the development of an innovative web-based tool, Bridge to Benefits, which helps citizens understand and access the public work support programs for whi... Learn More
  • Reach Out and Read
    This e-case focuses on the implementation of an early literacy intervention tool, Reach Out and Read (ROR), a proven model that aligns with doctor and parent goals for a child... Learn More
  • Heading Home Hennepin
    This case highlights the integrative leadership practices of several people and groups that organized the campaign to end homelessness in Hennepin County, Minnesota by 2016. I... Learn More
  • Implementing the Earned Income Tax Credit at AccountAbility Minnesota
    This simulation highlights the leadership and management of a small nonprofit organization, AccountAbility Minnesota, as it grapples with an emerging problem of economic injus... Learn More
Results per page:
Showing 1 - 10 of 122