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  • Local Government Innovation
    The Local Government Innovation (LGI) e-study takes a look at finalists from the LGI competition sponsored by University of Minnesota's Public and Nonprofit Leadership Ce... Learn More
  • Visual Strategy Mapping for Individuals
    This e-study explores Visual Strategy Mapping (ViSM), using video and visuals to show both the process and results when this method is employed by groups, but also by individu... Learn More
  • Collective Impact
    On January 24, 2013, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center co-hosted with the Minnesota Council on Foundations a Learning Forum on Collective Impact. Over 60 Minnesota ph... Learn More
  • Mission Convergence
    This e-case presents a critical question of how public policy innovation develops, adapts and survives in bureaucratic and political power structures in Delhi, India. Through... Learn More
  • IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
    This case concerns IRS (Internal Revenue Service) targeting of conservative organizations for special scrutiny. The curated materials include a timeline of the case, an audito... Learn More
  • Implementation of a Community Health Improvement Program
    This e-study explores the complexities of implementing, county-by-county, a statewide initiative to improve citizens’ health and reduce healthcare costs to the state. Buildi... Learn More
  • Wildlife Management Policy
    The case of wolf management policy in the West provides an opportunity for instructors to increase student understanding of the complex interplay of national and state politic... Learn More
  • Government Innovation
    The way government does business is changing. We are deep into the context known as the New Normal, with an aging population, changing population trends from rural to urban, d... Learn More
  • Visual Strategy Mapping for Groups
    This e-study explains what visual strategy mapping (ViSM) is and how to do it. Visual strategy mapping is a causal mapping process in which statements are linked by arrows sho... Learn More
  • Getting the Most out of Site Visits
    We live in a world shaped by policies and programs, and their implementation are largely influenced by external factors. There has been an increased interest in using methods... Learn More
Results per page:
Showing 1 - 10 of 122