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  • Susan G. Komen Foundation
    In early 2012, the Susan G. Komen foundation made the decision to defund Planned Parenthood, citing an ongoing investigation by a U.S. Congressman as their rationale. Planned... Learn More
  • Rural Broadband
    This e-study pulls together materials about an important infrastructure development in rural American at the beginning of the 21st Century. The materials gathered span divers... Learn More
  • Moving from Stuck to Unstuck in a Public Controversy
    This e-study explores a complex, conflict-ridden, and lengthy effort by a variety of stakeholders to create a development plan for their socioeconomically diverse and rapidly... Learn More
  • Board Facilitation & Engagement
    Board chairs provide critical leadership through meeting facilitation and agenda setting. As facilitators, chairs navigate their own relationships with the executive and other... Learn More
  • Writing Policy Issue Briefs
    This video brief is an introduction to writing a policy issue brief. The video gathers perspectives from students, policy professionals and faculty on the use of issue briefs... Learn More
  • CapX2020: Building Trust to Build Regional Transmission Systems
    CapX2020 is an initiative involving eleven utilities in the Upper Midwest who collaborated together to invest $2.1 billion in over 800 miles of new high-voltage transmission i... Learn More
  • Mission Before Pension
    The e-case details how a $100 million nonprofit organization, largely funded by state government funds, navigated a complex web of politics, public policy, and public relatio... Learn More
  • The Anatomy of Story
    The e-study includes three modules that introduce students to story as a unique narrative form, explains why storytelling has emerged as the essential marketing medium for the... Learn More
  • Nonprofit Leadership Across Borders
    This E-Case allows students to examine nonprofit leadership across borders, scrutinize the opportunities and challenges of grassroots development aid through small, internatio... Learn More
  • Writing Management Memos
    This video brief provides a quick introduction to a commonly used tool in the professional setting: the management memo. Management memos help public affairs professionals, wh... Learn More
Results per page:
Showing 1 - 10 of 122