Aquaponics as a Community Development Enterprise

This e-study illustrates the framework, processes and products associated with course-based research undertaken to support the development of a community-based aquaponics project, with a specific focus on Hmong communities in Minnesota’s Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul). It documents a specific case of project-based learning and provides a general framework for future endeavors. Authors: Abdiwahab Ali, Mekdelawit Bayu, John Chisholm, Felipe Dyna Barroso, Christina Field, Amrita Jain, Faris Kasim, Kamaladevy Kathirgamu, Bruce Pope, Maria Victoria Punay, Trupti Sarode, Tai Stephan, Yodit Tesfaye, Amanda Traaseth, Diego Villagra Mostaceros, Frieda von Qualen, Evans Yamoah Course instructor: Dave Wilsey, PhD
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