The Nonprofit Executive Director's Journey

This case is about the experience of becoming an executive director (ED) or chief executive officer (CEO) in a nonprofit organization. The case is designed to explore the central challenges associated with leading in the nonprofit sector, focusing on how to establish a leadership agenda for the organization and how to manage people over time to deliver on the mission of the organization.
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Community Comments

Leah Lundquist   2014-09-02 17:33:04
Dr. Melissa Stone of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs used two videos from Module 1>Working with a Board of Directors in an executive education course for nonprofit arts managers at UT/Austin's business school in collaboration with the College of Fine Arts. She plans to use these same two videos in a nonprofit management course she teaches at the Humphrey. This is a good example of how you can download a .zip folder of the case by clicking on the down arrow icon (when logged into the site). This folder includes much of the contents of the case. If you sort for just the .mp4 files in the folder, you can pull out particular video clips you'd like to use apart from the entire case.