Myers-Wilkins Community School Collaborative

This e-case highlights the leadership and management of a cross-sector collaborative through its implementation of a community school approach in a low-socioeconomic, highly diverse neighborhood in Duluth, Minnesota. The Grant Community School Collaborative (GCSC), housed in Myers-Wilkins Elementary School, has been building on the strategies of the Community School model for over 15 years. Using the principles of this model, the GCSC has evolved a seamless School Day-Out of School Time approach to providing integrated, community-supported learning experiences that provide high-quality instruction, hands- on experiential learning, an emphasis on multicultural perspectives, and socio-emotional supports.
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Community Comments

Jodi Sandfort   2014-03-06 11:52:49
I used this case in my Policy Implementation course to help unpack organizations' roles in policy and program implementation. Among other readings, I had also included two research studies about educational implementation. It was a great case because there is a lot of buzz about the model, stakeholder engagement, and intuitive appeal. However, there is also not information provided about the nuts and bolts of the program technology as enacted. So this provided a great example of pushing students to really probe behind the hype to really explore the programmatic core.