Peer Review
  • Timely e-case with informative video interviews and background materials.
  • Case highlights the value and the challenges of building social capital and collaborative leadership.
  • Little is shared about impact of the AALF network due to the e-case being authored during the early stages of network development.
  • E-case is descriptive of the inception of a collaborative versus focused on key decision points. If instructor/trainer wants to draw out key decision points or tension for class discussion, will need to make some assumptions and guide students in viewing case through this lens.

The African American Leadership Forum: A 21st Century Social Movement for the Common Good

Although examples of leadership by and of African-Americans abound, relatively few scholars and teachers of leadership focus on the particular characteristics and dynamics of African American leadership -- with the possible exception of civil rights era leadership (Ospina and Foldy, 2009). This case describes a new African American movement that builds on the traditions and accomplishments of African American leadership and responds to developments in African American communities and the U.S. in the post-civil rights era. This e-case also includes an annotated bibliography (see Module 1) that highlights African American leadership as well as the political, economic and social trends that have resulted in concentrated poverty in many urban black neighborhoods.
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Community Comments

Barbara Crosby   2013-09-18 19:30:06
As the content author for this case, I deeply appreciate those African American leaders who gave their time and insights to shape this case. The only downside of working on this case is that I couldn't include every good explanation or experience that I collected. Still, users can access a wealth of interview comments and documents in different levels of the case. I look forward to reading your comments about using it. Barbara Crosby, Humphrey School of Public Affairs Barbara Crosby   2014-04-07 16:58:52
Users of this e-case may also be interested in the recently published book Best in Class: How We Closed the 5 Gaps of Academic Achievement by Eric Mahmoud and Jeff Hassan (one of the founders of Twin Cities AALF). The book highlights the work of Mahmoud and his colleagues at the highly successful Harvest Prep and Best Academy in Minneapolis. The book offers a "gap-closing framework" and describes best practices in closing the achievement gap between "White children and economically and socially disadvantaged children." The book is available at