Peer Review
  • The issue is timely and the integrative leadership approach described is applicable to many public problems.
  • The case’s focus on addressing problems across levels of government and sectors provides learners the opportunity to problem solve around a community-wide issue.
  • Evaluation data provides students with the opportunity to measure progress against aspirations.
  • The usage note’s focus on integrative leadership will help learners apply the theory to a real-world situation.
  • The case takes place over eleven years (1999-2010) so many details of the process and changing context over time cannot be covered in the e-case.
  • The e-case is written to focus on cross-sector leadership. If the instructor wants to use it to explore network dynamics or capacity issues in the success of an initiative, they will need to provide appropriate supplemental reading.

Heading Home Hennepin

This case highlights the integrative leadership practices of several people and groups that organized the campaign to end homelessness in Hennepin County, Minnesota by 2016. Integrative leadership, as defined by Crosby and Bryson (2010) is the work of integrating people, resources, and organizations into semi- permanent arrangements that bridge multiple boundaries and achieve the common good.
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