Casa de Esperanza

This e-case highlights the leadership and management of a small nonprofit organization through its pursuit of mission critical but underfunded work. Casa de Esperanza is a domestic violence shelter founded in the early 1980s. Originally established to offer culturally-appropriate shelter services to Latina victims of domestic violence, Casa has grown tremendously over the years to include advocacy and systems-change work towards their mission of mobilizing Latinas and Latino communities to end domestic violence.
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Community Comments

Jodi Sandfort   2013-01-15 15:51:03
So this case builds off of a well-used case about this same organization (available on the Electronic Hallway or in the supplemental materials for free download here). I've used it in a hybrid on-line/face-to-face class on social policy implementation when we were exploring how organizations' management impacts effectiveness. The students loved it because the organization, itself, is so interesting. It has strong management, a big vision, and -- in this rendering -- a gap in which these two factors (management & vision) couldn't quite stay aligned. I also really like this case because it shows a bi-cultural organization (this is particularly clear in the video from the agency's 25th anniversary included in the multi-media case).

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