Video Brief

Government Nonprofit Partnerships

This video brief debunks old conceptions of government & nonprofit partnerships and replaces them with a new paradigm. Due to the devolution of government, nonprofits are an important vehicle for service delivery in the United States. This video highlights the dynamic interaction between governments and nonprofits with a quick overview that can be used to start more in-depth conversation.
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Community Comments

Kathy Quick   2013-01-10 14:18:06
I have used this video in my graduate class on management or public and nonprofit organizations. I found it an effective mid-term reminder of some distinctive characteristics, important convergences, and the range of potential kinds of arrangements among government and nongovernmental agencies in the public sector. My students respond well to the snappy, informative style, and it is so short that it is a good way to mix up a class period with a new perspective on these ideas.

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