Wondering how you can get involved?

  • Contribute materials to the Hubert Project Community.
  • Create multimedia learning materials to use in your class or training room.
  • Get support around how to design multimedia student projects.
  • Share your multimedia materials with the Hubert Project Community.

From its inception, Hubert Project has focused on building a community of authors and users, a diverse group of academic and professional teachers and trainers committed to providing high-quality multimedia learning tools that improve interactive learning for nonprofit and government professionals.

Academic scholars and experts from the world of practice who wish to build and contribute products to the Hubert Collection are invited to do so. Connect with us if you’re interested in creating multimedia curriculum for your classroom or training room via the Hubert Project workflows. We are happy to provide you with an introduction to the build and contribution process.

If you are interested in doing something even bigger, like organizing an institution or network-wide training, we also can’t wait to hear from you!