Curated materials for Spring 2017

Take a look at these materials on important topics for your Spring 2017 course or upcoming training for staff or board members. If you’re not seeing exactly what you’re looking for, browse our full collection of learning materials, or send us an email at Evaluation Getting the Most out of Site Visits We live in a world shaped by policies and programs, and their implementation are largely influenced by external factors. There has been an increased interest in using methods that allow us to understand the nuanced interplay between policies, programs, and the realities in which they take place. One method that provides us rich and immersive insights into this reality is site visits. Site visits are valua... Continue reading

International Women’s Day

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In celebration of International Women's Day we've selected five Hubert Project materials that highlight different public affairs issues relevant to women. International Women's Day recognizes the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. This year's theme is focused on taking steps to achieve gender parity.   Jeremiah Program This e-case explores the national scaling efforts of Jeremiah Program, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit. Jeremiah Program is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization whose proven, holistic approach transforms families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time. The program provides single mothers and their children with a safe, affordable place to live, quality ear... Continue reading

Update: New materials, African partnership and Kresge Foundation article

The Hubert Project is excited to announce new and exciting learning materials ready for the Humphrey community. They are ready to be utilized in your teaching and/or professional development. New materials include calculating true program costs, evaluation for development, reliability & autonomy in nonprofit finance and board chair and ED relationship dynamics. Check back with the Project in September to see materials written by Brian Atwood, faculty from U of M's Food Policy Center, The Ohio State University, San Francisco State University, Hong Kong University and many more. In her role as Academic Director of Hubert Project, Jodi Sandfort will be traveling to Kenya to train their partners and colleagues across the continent of Afr... Continue reading

New e-Study: Adapting Program Evaluation for Local Contexts

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The Hubert Project is excited to announce a new addition to the collection - an e-study titled, "Adapting Program Evaluation for Local Contexts in a Globalized World." This e-Study was authored by Hanife Cakici, a post-doc at the Humphrey School and now Associate Program Management Officer with the United Nations. This e-Study gathers resources for practitioners who seek to design and implement culturally responsive evaluations. The study highlights the expansion of the field of evaluation to national and contexts where evaluation has been historically missing. In doing so, the study engages the learners in critical thinking about the nature and dissemination of evaluation evidence for decision making that leads to equitable distribution... Continue reading

New Material: Applying Design Thinking to the Social Sector

Click here to view the Applying Design Thinking to the Social Sector e-Study. This e-Study details the use of the design thinking process as a complementary problem-solving method to other more commonly used methods coming from social science used in public affairs. The design thinking process emphasizes an iterative, collaborative, human-centered approach. The e-study uses the example of the Design for Good AIGA Minnesota-CAPI USA pilot project that took place in summer 2013.  The project evaluated CAPI’s Asian food shelf program, and explored opportunities for the non-profit organization to improve the lives of their participants. The author, Sook Jin Ong (MPP 2012), is the manager of the MFIP Results Initiative, a new partnersh... Continue reading

Spring Course/Training Material Curation

Check out these great materials on timely topics for your Spring course or upcoming training. Ever wish that you could get a custom-made and –curated collection of online materials for your training or course? Make a suggestion to the Hubert Project ( and we may be able to create one for you! Or click here to browse the full collection on our website. Ferguson Issues in 2014 African American Leadership Forum e-Case: In just a few years, the African American Leadership Forum (AALF) has sparked a new leadership movement within and across multiple US cities. This case traces AALF’s development, the controversies it has encountered, its accomplishments, and the lessons it offers for fostering leadership within a... Continue reading

New Case: Housing & Affording the American Dream

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This blog post was brought to you by this e-Case author.  Author name will be released when the e-Case is no longer under peer review. Can We Afford The American Dream? ¿Podemos Darnos el Lujo del Sueño Americano? Housing as a field of study within public policy and social welfare, in my opinion, has been generally divided into two camps: those who view housing as a right, and those who view it as a commodity. Although both camps might ideologically agree that housing is a fundamental need, the former would insist that that need be met exclusively by the market. Further, those insisting on the supremacy of the market to meet housing needs, the housing bubble of the late 1990s seemed like a validation of the view that the housing marke... Continue reading

Material Suggestions for Your Fall Course or Training

The fall is almost upon us.  As you ramp up your course or training, please consider incorporating a Hubert Project material.  Our Open Educational Resources are free and ready for you to use.  Luckily we have curated some suggestions by topic area. Policy Implementation Reach Out & Read: This Hubert e-case focuses on the implementation of a literacy intervention tool, Reach Out and Read (ROR), a proven model for literacy development that aligns with doctor and parent goals for a child’s development by introducing developmentally appropriate books to children in the healthcare setting. Mission Convergence:This e-case presents a critical question of how public policy innovation develops, adapts and survives in bure... Continue reading

New Case: Culture Change in Long Term Care

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by Meghan Jarpe, MSW, Doctoral Student, University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration I am excited to share with you my e-Case, Person-Centered Care: The Culture Change Movement in Long Term Care. I was inspired to create this e-Case due to my own interest in organizational culture and care work, but also to help students gain knowledge about a topic of increasing importance in American society: elder care services. Everyone knows that the baby boomers are aging and life expectancy has been on the rise, and to meet growing demands a new generation will need to step in as organizational leaders in this sector. It is incumbent on educators to expose students to this field through the application of key management and admin... Continue reading