Why Hubert Project Matters: A Graduate Students’ Perspective

By: Kassira Absar, Hubert Project Graduate Research Assistant and MPP Candidate May 2015 As a graduate student, it is surprising to open up an assignment for the next class and find that what has been assigned is a series of modules with short videos as opposed to fifty pages of reading from a journal. Yet, these modules teach in a different way. Video briefs, e-Cases, and e-Studies allow the user to use multimedia to learn about a concept, case study, or tool. I taught for a couple years before entering graduate school and have many friends who teach elementary school and high school. We have had endless discussions about methods for teaching the same concept taking into consideration different learning styles. Graduate school, for m... Continue reading

A Creative Way to Teach and Train with Hubert Project Materials

Melissa Stone, an instructor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, took a creative approach to teaching and training with Hubert Project materials that's worth sharing. While planning for her Organizational Management course, she wanted to find some videos that exemplified the complexities of the nonprofit executive director & board dynamics in organizational decision making. She pulled out two videos from the Nonprofit Executive Director's Journey e-Case and shared them with her students. In order to pull individual videos from e-cases, simply click on the down arrow icon (when logged into the site) to download the .zip file of case materials. Then unzip the .zip file, sort the files for just the .mp4 files and pull out the part... Continue reading

Designing Multimedia Student Projects

When Hubert Project goes on the road to public affairs conferences, one the major interests of instructors is how they can leverage the fact that video editing and design tools are increasingly accessible to the average user to design engaging, multimedia projects for their students. Beyond just allowing students to infuse their creativity into a project, designing multimedia student assignments requires students to further develop a communications skill set that is relevant for the current workplace – one in which technology has impacted not only the speed but also the delivery mode and format of messages one is seeking to communicate to an audience. At the Humphrey School, Associate Professor Jodi Sandfort is finding that the same wo... Continue reading

How Instructors Are Using Materials in the Hubert Collection

In April, we reached out to all those in the Hubert community who had viewed or downloaded materials from the Hubert Project website since it launched in 2012. The feedback was encouraging! We would’ve loved more responses, but the users we did hear from shared that they haven’t been having any problem searching and locating relevant material on the site and found the usage note easy to fund and useful for providing context and additional information about the learning material. The users came to the site after learning about Hubert at a conference, via social media, from a colleague at a different school or from a presentation by the Hubert team at their own school (Let us know if you want us to visit yours!). These users had... Continue reading

Fast Alone, Further Together

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An old African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” As 2 of us from the Hubert team gathered with 24 faculty and 12 technologists from 12 universities across Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, for 3 intensive March workshop days, I was reminded of proverb I’d heard. The ultimate mission of all those gathered is to create thirty-three “mini” e-Cases to be used in a standard curriculum across 12 new Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programs launching across the continent this Fall. Each faculty member could have been assigned a topic and asked to remotely develop a case around it, but the process design team wisely knew – “Faster alone, but further together.”  If univer... Continue reading

Webinar Recap>>Teaching with Digital

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On January 6th, The Hubert Project kicked off the New Year with a webinar on "How to Teach with Digital Media." Instructors from across the country logged in for discussion around how to incorporate digital media - including e-learning materials and social media - into their Spring semester syllabi. Huge thanks to our guest presenters Jennifer Mosely from the University of Chicago, Jodi Sandfort from the University of Minnesota and David Campbell from Binghamton University. We were excited to take advantage of interactive webinar technology to start to grow an online community of public affairs instructors globally. Our vision for Hubert is much bigger than just an online site for instructors and trainers for find high quality learnin... Continue reading

Interview: What an eCase Does for You

Our staff always get questions about reported benefits of using Hubert Project resources in classroom settings. We chatted with Humphrey School Professor John Bryson about how he has used Hubert Project eCases and the benefits (and challenges) to changing curriculum to adapt to using these types of resources. ------------------------------------------ HUBERT PROJECT:  Why did you choose to use an e-case in your class? JOHN BRYSON:  I used [the Heading Home Hennepin and AALF e-cases] in my strategic planning class for a couple of reasons. I wanted to see what it was like to use an e-case in a class because I'd not done so before. I also know a good bit about both cases so I felt confident I didn’t have to worry about the materi... Continue reading