Curated materials for Spring 2017

Take a look at these materials on important topics for your Spring 2017 course or upcoming training for staff or board members. If you’re not seeing exactly what you’re looking for, browse our full collection of learning materials, or send us an email at Evaluation Getting the Most out of Site Visits We live in a world shaped by policies and programs, and their implementation are largely influenced by external factors. There has been an increased interest in using methods that allow us to understand the nuanced interplay between policies, programs, and the realities in which they take place. One method that provides us rich and immersive insights into this reality is site visits. Site visits are valua... Continue reading

Open Access – Tips for Public Affairs Faculty

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As we celebrate International Open Access Week this week, some public affairs faculty might have questions about how to participate in the open access movement. We’ve put together some suggestions of steps you can take to explore publishing openly. Talk with Your Library Find out if your university has an open access librarian. If so, this person will be a great source of information about the open access resources at your disposal and any open access-related activities taking place at your institution. Here at the University of Minnesota, all it takes is an email to to connect with a librarian who knows open access inside and out. See If Your Institution Has an Open Access Policy and Open Access Fund Every inst... Continue reading

Join us at ARNOVA 2016!

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Hubert Fellow Reception Thursday, November 17, 2016, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Hyatt Regency Washington, Room Congressional B 400 New Jersey Avenue, NW Washington, District of Columbia 20001 Fall is often a time for taking stock of past accomplishments while also looking ahead. Here at the Hubert Project, we are reflecting on the amazing collection of materials our Hubert Project Fellows have created and we would like to celebrate your contributions to the Hubert Project at the 2016 ARNOVA Conference. We hope you will join us for a fun, informal yet informative networking reception. You will meet with other Hubert Project Fellows to talk about your materials and share your lessons learned in using multimedia case teaching in your classroom.... Continue reading

Open Access Week: October 24-30, 2016

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The Open Access movement aims to make research and educational materials freely available online for anyone to read, share, download, or use for any other lawful purpose. The basic premise of Open Access is that the greater the accessibility of information, the more empowered people will be to address the world’s many challenges. Every October, educators, students, researchers and Open Access advocates celebrate International Open Access Week to inspire conversations around the world about Open Access. Open Access is at the core of the Hubert Project’s work. From the project’s inception in 2011, our mission has been to connect public affairs educators and practitioners through the creation and exchange of engaging, open teaching ma... Continue reading

Have a great idea for a multimedia learning material?

The Hubert Project is looking for public affairs/nonprofit management faculty or seasoned nonprofit consultants interested in authoring multimedia learning materials. The Hubert Project aims to advance the learning of students pursuing public and nonprofit management studies and the professional development of public and nonprofit leaders. Read the full RFP here. These materials might take the form of a multimedia case study (“e-case”), a multimedia presentation of a tool/framework/method and its application (“e-study”) or a short, animated video outlining a key concept (“video brief”). Hubert Project will support material authors (“content experts”) with training in the process of content creation,and support for the... Continue reading

Special JPAE Issue: Using Technology to Support Interactive Learning

The new issue of the Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE) examines how technology can be used to support interactive learning in the classroom. The issue was edited by Jodi R. Sandfort, a Professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the Founder and Academic Director of the Hubert Project. In her introduction to the JPAE symposium, Sandfort notes that the issue is "an invitation to recognize the potential of what the Internet age can offer our explore new teaching practices from the science of teaching and learning that will help develop astute, analytical, and compassionate public affairs professionals." The symposium showcases several ways that interactive learning has been used in higher educati... Continue reading

Author Post: The Power of Storytelling

Written by Katrina Pierson, co-author of the Hubert Project e-study: "The Anatomy of Story"   I’ve never met a data set that blew my mind. But last night, I bawled my eyes out to the movie Frida. You might argue that Hollywood has an edge, with their behemoth budgets and top-flight writers. However, from a very young age, we all know how to tell powerful stories. My four-year-old daughter, Norah, can’t yet read but is beginning to assemble stories. She lives in a rich imaginary world with a gaggle of friends that only she can see. She draws series of them, and shares oral accounts of their difficulties and triumphs that mirror her own: getting the stomach flu, blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, missing her mo... Continue reading

Author Post: Seven Counties Services – Mission Before Pension

Written by Gwen Cooper, co-author of the Hubert Project e-case: "Mission Before Pension" Since the day I was told we would be filing Chapter 11 to divest ourselves of the unsustainable employer contribution requirement to the Kentucky Retirement System my life has not been the same. That may sound overly dramatic but I was the newly appointed Chief Development Officer charged with raising substantial funds for a $100 Million behavioral health organization that had never raised money before. How was I supposed to ask donors for money to fund an organization in Chapter 11? One month after we filed, amidst the huge political backlash and media frenzy, our VP of Community and Government Affairs resigned for health reasons (pretty stressfu... Continue reading

Author Post: Understanding Refugees and Refugee Organizations

Written by Odessa Gonzalez-Benson, author of the Hubert Project e-study: “Refugee Resettlement, the Nonprofit Sector, and Refugee Community Organizations”   It’s not always easy to know about or be involved with refugees and their communities. They are too often neglected in mainstream education and marginalized from public view. It is also easy to be susceptible to dominant narratives and negative or stereotypical portrayals and images of refugees in the media. We may view them with fear and distance, especially with all the hype about terrorism and securitization these days. I think that we also tend to view refugees in idealized ways. They are foreign, different, exoticized. Simply meeting a resettled refugee could chang... Continue reading