New Case: Culture Change in Long Term Care

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by Meghan Jarpe, MSW, Doctoral Student, University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration I am excited to share with you my e-Case, Person-Centered Care: The Culture Change Movement in Long Term Care. I was inspired to create this e-Case due to my own interest in organizational culture and care work, but also to help students gain knowledge about a topic of increasing importance in American society: elder care services. Everyone knows that the baby boomers are aging and life expectancy has been on the rise, and to meet growing demands a new generation will need to step in as organizational leaders in this sector. It is incumbent on educators to expose students to this field through the application of key management and admin... Continue reading

Your Personal Learning Environment

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By Dr. Jodi Sandfort, Associate Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs I'm spending some time this week preparing for my visit to Kenya where I will be providing three days of training for scholars working at 12 African Universities that are launching a collaborative Master's in Research and Public Policy. In the training, I'm really emphasizing with the experts are discussing is the disruption in higher education today.  There are new forms of course delivery (MOOCs), new teaching methods (flipped classrooms), and new learning models (competencies and learning analytics).  There are new demands from our students.  In this type of environment, we all have to practice our craft with new tools. So the public affairs commun... Continue reading

New Material>>Network-Based Food Bank Delivery

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Solving wicked policy problems can be a challenge.  More often than not, today's nonprofit leaders are expected to use networks to implement solutions and achieve policy goals.  What factors influence the adoption of network goals?  What happens if the coordinator of a network does not have the authority to mandate changes in its partner agencies? A new e-case - Mid-Ohio Foodbank: Building Capacity in Service Provider Networks -  explores some of these issues within the context of emergency food provision.  In 2009, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank set a goal of doubling its food distribution.  In order to achieve this goal, it had to rely on its network of hundreds of partner agency food banks across its 20-county service area to reach hu... Continue reading

Using CC-licensed Icons to Create a CC-licensed Video

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Based on user feedback in April, we've been focusing our content development on the shorter video briefs and e-Studies. Our newest material in the collection is a video brief on Backward Mapping - a policy implementation method that involves starting from the frontlines where the policy meets the public and working one's way back through the organizations and systems associated with the policy field to figure out how to design an effective policy. This video was created using Motion, a video animation software associated with Apple's Final Cut Pro. What we enjoyed experimenting with in this video was using creative-commons licensed icons as the building blocks for the creative-commons licensed material. These icons were all found on... Continue reading

Announcing a new e-study on community engagement in urban planning!

By Katina Mortenson, Project Manager, Grassroots Solutions Determining how, when, and in what aspects to involve the public and other stakeholders in planning and decision making processes is a question faced by many public affairs professionals. The Hubert Project has collaborated with Grassroots Solutions to bring you a new e-study on this topic: Understanding Community Engagement. This e-study explores the foundational concepts and core principles of community engagement, drawing from the story of the Detroit Works Project (DWP). The e-study also includes multi-media references such as photos, newspaper articles, an animated video, analytical reports, a news radio feature, and video storytelling links. The Detroit Works Project was... Continue reading

Designing Multimedia Student Projects

When Hubert Project goes on the road to public affairs conferences, one the major interests of instructors is how they can leverage the fact that video editing and design tools are increasingly accessible to the average user to design engaging, multimedia projects for their students. Beyond just allowing students to infuse their creativity into a project, designing multimedia student assignments requires students to further develop a communications skill set that is relevant for the current workplace – one in which technology has impacted not only the speed but also the delivery mode and format of messages one is seeking to communicate to an audience. At the Humphrey School, Associate Professor Jodi Sandfort is finding that the same wo... Continue reading

How Instructors Are Using Materials in the Hubert Collection

In April, we reached out to all those in the Hubert community who had viewed or downloaded materials from the Hubert Project website since it launched in 2012. The feedback was encouraging! We would’ve loved more responses, but the users we did hear from shared that they haven’t been having any problem searching and locating relevant material on the site and found the usage note easy to fund and useful for providing context and additional information about the learning material. The users came to the site after learning about Hubert at a conference, via social media, from a colleague at a different school or from a presentation by the Hubert team at their own school (Let us know if you want us to visit yours!). These users had... Continue reading

Ending Child Sex Trafficking in Minnesota and the U.S.

This Hubert Curated Case explores the mobilization of a cross-sector network to transform Minnesota into a “Safe Harbor” for children being prostituted. Instructors will find this case useful in teaching cross-boundary leadership, policy field analysis, and policy design and implementation by a network. This case utilizes news reports, video clips, scholarly articles, podcasts, and web links to examine the leadership and policy lessons from the efforts to pass, design, and implement Safe Harbor legislation at a statewide level.    See full post

YouTube: Not just cats and babies!

The good news these days is that while it's getting easier and easier to create your own dynamic, video learning materials, there's lots of quality educational video content out there. Video sharing sites YouTube and Vimeo can be great resources for you in exploring engaging content to incorporate into your curriculum. We've curated some resources here for you and encourage you to share additional video clips you've used in your teaching or training in the comments following this post. At a presentation Hubert Project Academic Director Jodi Sandfort and Manager Leah Lundquist had the pleasure of participating in at the APPAM Spring 2014 Teaching Conference, co-presenter Jasmine McGinnis-Johnson of George Washington University suggest... Continue reading

Fast Alone, Further Together

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An old African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” As 2 of us from the Hubert team gathered with 24 faculty and 12 technologists from 12 universities across Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, for 3 intensive March workshop days, I was reminded of proverb I’d heard. The ultimate mission of all those gathered is to create thirty-three “mini” e-Cases to be used in a standard curriculum across 12 new Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programs launching across the continent this Fall. Each faculty member could have been assigned a topic and asked to remotely develop a case around it, but the process design team wisely knew – “Faster alone, but further together.”  If univer... Continue reading