The purpose of Hubert Project is to connect public affairs educators through the creation and exchange of engaging teaching materials that enhance learning.

Technology has made education the central need of 20th Century America… Technology in itself is not the end of aspirations…

Hubert H. Humphrey, Reading (PA) Eagle, 1965

Project Overview

Hubert Project provides public affairs educators the opportunity to create and share multimedia learning materials including short videos and cases. Intended audiences include faculty and instructors teaching public policy, public administration, and nonprofit management, as well as nonprofit, government, and philanthropic consultants, and other leadership development trainers.

As an open source project, Hubert Project seeks to provide academic and practitioner participants access to high quality and easily utilized learning materials about a wide array of content related to public affairs. All multimedia Hubert Project videos and cases include supplementary discussion guides, teaching notes, and suggested uses for deployment. Formats are user-friendly and learner centered.

Background of Name

Hubert H. Humphrey had an amazing ability to combine a scathing attention to detail with compassionate listening and astute political action. Those abilities helped him advance some of our nation’s most relevant policies and define ideals of American politics.

In that ethos, Hubert Project aims to enable faculty, instructors, and trainers to foster those traits in public affairs students and current practitioners alike. In today’s fast-paced world of changing technology, people receive information differently than before. Hubert¬†Project provides multimedia learning objects that simulate real-life public issues to enhance students’ competencies. In building those skills, we aim to honor Humphrey’s legacy and develop the next generation of leaders in public affairs.