Purpose Mapping

The e-case demonstrates why and how to do purpose mapping, a technique designed to help people gain clarity about what their real purposes are in pursuing any endeavor. The result is a statement-and-arrow diagram - a map - in which different purposes are linked and the endeavor’s ultimate purpose (mission) is identified along how it is supported or achieved by pursuit of specific goals and objectives.    See full post

Organizational Health for Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are entrusted with public resources and deliver important social functions. The society expects NGOs to perform and the organizational health of an NGO impinges on its capacity to deliver and sustain performance over time. Inspired and assisted by McKinsey & Co. (Hong Kong), this E-Case introduces an adapted concept of organizational health to the nonprofit sector, illustrates the application of the concept by two NGOs in enhancing organizational health and presents the foundational practices of building organizational health with a modified framework developed by and for the nonprofit sector. This E-Case can be useful for topics such as: organizational effectiveness, institutional isomorphism, organi... Continue reading

Scaling up Social Innovation: The Case of Crossroads Foundation

Non-Governmental Organizations are looking for ways to scale up their impact in communities. However, they encounter enormous challenges to find the resources, the people and the networks needed to grow. Crossroads Foundation, a Hong Kong-based International NGO, has been able to scale up through a voluntary, flexible and adaptable governance structure to reach more than 580 thousand recipients in 109 countries. Examining the features and challenges of the internal and external governance structure of Crossroads, this case study provides a framework to understand how social innovation can scale up. This case can be used for topics such as nonprofit management, collaborative governance, social innovation, and scaling up.    See full post