Implementation of a Community Health Improvement Program

This e-study explores the complexities of implementing, county-by-county, a statewide initiative to improve citizens’ health and reduce healthcare costs to the state. Building on a renewed and nationwide momentum for increasing individuals’ movement and decreasing access to unhealthy foods and tobacco, Minnesota’s State Health Improvement Plan or SHIP, seeks to apply broad policy goals aimed at better health. The program relies on decentralized implementation structure that is activated at the local level through individual county health agencies.    See full post

Safe Harbor: Minnesota's Effort to End Child Sex Trafficking

This e-case highlights a critical quandary of policy design and implementation as advocates, funders, elected officials, public sector employees, and direct service providers seek to address the complex issue of the sex trafficking of minors statewide in a more coordinated and effective way. In July 2011, the collaborative efforts of this cross-sector field of leaders resulted in passage of Minnesota’s Safe Harbor for Sex Trafficked Youth Act – the only law passed during a 3-month government shutdown due to a state budget impasse.    See full post

Crossroads Foundation

Non-Governmental Organizations are looking for ways to scale up their impact in communities. However, they encounter enormous challenges to find the resources, the people and the networks needed to grow. Crossroads Foundation, a Hong Kong-based International NGO, has been able to scale up through a voluntary, flexible and adaptable governance structure to reach more than 580 thousand recipients in 109 countries. Examining the features and challenges of the internal and external governance structure of Crossroads, this case study provides a framework to understand how social innovation can scale up. This case can be used for topics such as nonprofit management, collaborative governance, social innovation, and scaling up.    See full post