Merging for Impact and Growth

This abridged video centers on the merger of two long-established human service nonprofits. It explores the variety of reasons a nonprofit organization may consider a merger, how to assess an organization’s readiness, and the challenges of merger implementation. The full e-case on this topic is available at    See full post

Getting the Most out of Site Visits

We live in a world shaped by policies and programs, and their implementation are largely influenced by external factors. There has been an increased interest in using methods that allow us to understand the nuanced interplay between policies, programs, and the realities in which they take place. One method that provides us rich and immersive insights into this reality is site visits. Site visits are valuable because they provide contextual information on the implementation of policies and programs, thus making this understanding tangible. They also allow for deeper probing and asking questions that organizations would not know to ask unless they were there. Site visits, if done systematically, allow for rich and consistent data to be collec... Continue reading

Mission Before Pension

The e-case details how a $100 million nonprofit organization, largely funded by state government funds, navigated a complex web of politics, public policy, and public relations to divest itself of state mandated pension obligations that threatened its ability to deliver critical services. The e-case examines the events surrounding the decision to declare bankruptcy and leave the state’s public pension system.    See full post

The Delmar Dilemma: Wrong If You Do, Wrong If You Don't

The Greater Ester Theological Mission (GETM) is a church of 3,500 members located in a politically divided community. The church includes traditional religious activities and three nonprofit corporations. This complex organization is headed by a fifteen member Board of Deacons that serve as the Corporate Directors and policy leaders for all components. The church operates a nationally recognized childcare center, serving children of every economic strata. The center depends upon a Delmar County grant to subsidize over 60% of the children. Controversy has arisen with the admission of a convicted child molester to the church that also serves in one of the on-campus nonprofit corporations.    See full post

African American Leadership: A Curation of Key Resources

This e-study describes a new African American movement that builds on the traditions and accomplishments of African American leadership and responds to developments in African American communities and the U.S. in the post-civil rights era. The resources in this study highlight African American leadership as well as the political, economic and social trends that have resulted in concentrated poverty in many urban black neighborhoods.    See full post

U.S. Federal Budget Process

One of the most fundamental actions taken by our elected officials each year is to enact a budget for the United States that outlines policy priorities and details the fiscal condition of the nation. This e-case provides an introduction to the U.S. federal budget process. It reviews the four stages of the budget process, details the roles of the Office of Management and Budget, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Government Accountability Office, and outlines relevant key concepts.    See full post