African American Leadership Forum: A 21st Century Social Movement for the Common Good

This case describes a new African American movement that builds on the traditions and accomplishments of African American leadership and responds to developments in African American communities and the U.S. in the post-civil rights era. The resources in this case highlight African American leadership as well as the political, economic and social trends that have resulted in concentrated poverty in many urban black neighborhoods.    See full post

School Based Mental Health Delivery

This a collection of scholarly articles, news clips, discussions and documented advocacy efforts around school based mental health delivery. It includes national conversations, previous experiments and efforts in the state of Minnesota. Assets in this collection point to the more cost-effective and people-centered effect of shifting from a singular focus on deep end services to early identification and intervention. Cover image courtesy of Washburn Center for Children.    See full post

Moving from Stuck to Unstuck in a Public Controversy

This case explores a complex, conflict-ridden, and lengthy effort by a variety of stakeholders to create a development plan for their socioeconomically diverse and rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. Instructors may use the case write-up and accompanying archival materials (video, images, and texts) to teach about organizing stakeholder involvement and managing conflict in public affairs. Narrative analysis also prepares students to communicate and resolve problems that commonly arise during public controversies and engagement efforts.    See full post

Asset Development

This Hubert Curated Case explores the policy arena surrounding the issue of asset development for low-income individuals. Instructors will find this case useful in teaching policy analysis, concepts in microeconomics, and concepts in tax expenditures. This case utilizes white papers, data sets, audio podcasts and video reports to examine the issue of asset development. Cover image courtesy of 401(k)2013.    See full post

Ending Child Sex Trafficking in Minnesota and the U.S.

This Hubert Curated Case explores the mobilization of a cross-sector network to transform Minnesota into a “Safe Harbor” for children being prostituted. Instructors will find this case useful in teaching cross-boundary leadership, policy field analysis, and policy design and implementation by a network. This case utilizes news reports, video clips, scholarly articles, podcasts, and web links to examine the leadership and policy lessons from the efforts to pass, design, and implement Safe Harbor legislation at a statewide level.    See full post

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood care and education are integral to the daily lives of many American families, and public policy supporting these services has grown significantly over the past 30 years. States require basic health and safety standards, but the diverse third-parties involved in service provision create considerable variation in the settings and services provided to children and families. This case pulls together resources focused on understanding early childhood education policy, stressing state-level information.    See full post

Targeting Homeless Services in Hennepin County

This Hubert Curated Case explores the policy arena surrounding the prevention of homelessness among low-income families and individuals. The case utilizes reports and analyses from the national literature, as well as from research on programs in Hennepin County, Minnesota. This study provides an analytical framework for targeting prevention services, and invites a discussion of how to implement programs to prevent homelessness among populations with complex and heterogeneous service needs. This study could be paired with Barbara Crosby’s E-case, Heading Home Hennepin, which explores a collaborative effort to end homelessness in Hennepin County, Minnesota.    See full post

Susan G. Komen Foundation

This Hubert Curated Case explores the circumstances and issues surrounding Susan G. Komen’s controversial decision in 2012 to defund Planned Parenthood. Instructors will find this case useful in teaching leadership and management, especially in the nonprofit sector. This case utilizes news reports, video clips, scholarly articles, podcasts, and web links to examine the leadership and management issues pertaining to the controversy.    See full post

Rural Traffic Safety

Though 70 percent of all crashes occur in urban areas, the majority of Minnesota’s crash fatalities take place on rural roads. This curated case focuses on policy options to address the most important causes of the continuing high level of rural fatalities. This substantive, introductory material is useful for teaching core public policy themes related to enforcement, education, engineering, and emergency services.    See full post

Rural Broadband

In the new economy, rural areas face now face a challenge relevant to industry, health care, and education – lack of access to broadband internet service. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, grants have focused on building this infrastructure. Research shows positive social and economic impacts with improved access to broadband but some citizens choose not to ‘get wired.’ This curated case material provides substantive, introductory material useful for teaching core public policy themes, such as public and private roles, regulation, citizen access, and market failure.    See full post